2017-2018 Battalion Sergeant Major (SgtMaj)
 Jane'ijha Jones responsibilities are leading non-commissioned officers to enforce policies and standards as wells as making the decisions for the promotion boards (and Cadet of the month and SNCO of the quarter) and as well planning the annual off-site for NCOS and field day. 

 Rank: Cadet Sergeant Major  
Things You Do In Your Spare Time: "I like to bake, sing and do arts and crafts. Along with DIY's, I love trying new things."
Post High School Plans:  "I plan on going to St.Kates/St.Thomas or Augsburg. I prefer a private college. I plan to study criminal justice, law, science, nursing, or medicine. I'm planning to go for a B.A. degree."
Favorite Thing About MCJROTC: "My favorite things about JROTC
Reason You Joined MCJROTC: " I joined JROTC to help become a better person so I could understand what was going on around me. Once I joined I was able to pick up the discipline quickly. I started to hang around the right people and there was a significant raise in my grades."
Why You Think Others Should Join The Program: " I think others should join us to get the feeling of compassion, family, life lessons that not all other kids have. The average kids in high school. JROTC has helped so many kids get into colleges, it also looks fantastic in your transcript. There are many once in a life time chances to experience opportunities that are cheaper if not free.  
Favorite Quote/Motto:  "Challenges are what makes life interesting, and over coming them makes life interesting, and over coming them is what makes life meaningful."