2017-2018 Battalion Commanding Officer (CO)
  Nasue Xiong is the CO of the battalion as of 2016 until 2017, and is the role model for leadership and integrity as well as planning cadet's events and commencing the execution. The biggest role is her directing and disciplining the battalion staff and the lower companies (company commanders and team captains).
Rank: Cadet Major

Things You Do In Your Spare Time:  " I like to spend time with my friends or be active."
Post High School Plans:   "I plan to go to college and work in the medial fields, after that I would like to go into the Marine Corps as an officer."
Favorite Thing About MCJROTC: "My favorite things about MCJROTC are the trips we have, the moral of cadets, and the motivation."
Reason You Joined MCJROTC:  "I joined JROTC because I loved being out there, being active and meeting new people."
Why You Think Others Should Join The Program: "It makes you realize that you aren't like the average students at Como Park."
Favorite Quote/Motto:  "When you first joined JROTC, it was the worst day of my life."-Major Foley