2006, 2014 Naval Honor School (top 20% of MCJROTC units)

Our Mission: To develop leaders with integrity and courage to overcome adversity and transform their lives in order to serve their family, community, and nation. 

Our Core Values: Honor, Courage and Commitment.

state fair bbq

Good Afternoon Cadets,
Our yearly state fair BBQ is upon us, so please make sure to bring something to swim in (conservative) and some food/drink to share! You can also bring soccer balls, volley balls etc.

Lake Owasso County Park (Pavillion #2)
370 N Owasso Blvd.
Shoreview Mn.

-Transportation is not available-

 Summer Operations:

-State Fair BBQ; 22 Aug

-State Fair: 24 Aug-4 Sept

-Freshmen Orientation : 31 Aug

-99's : 9 Sept/ 16 Sept / 23 Sept / 30 Sept   


 Congratulations and thank you to the Bravo Cadets who participated and worked hard on Warriors Night. With the mud and the fun, the battalion came together and learned the results to the upcoming staff of the 2017-2018 school year.

Commanding Officer: Nasue Xiong

Executive Officer: Jessica Koch

Cadet Sergeant Major: Ja'Neijah Jones

Operations Officer: Peyton Thomas

Logistics Officer: Cheenou Yang

Adjutant: Zong Lee

Drill Master: Trent Willard

Physical Training Captain: Long Thao

Orienteering Captain:  Ha Shi Ko

Sioux Falls 2017 Drill Meet

 A Hearty congratulations to the 43 Cadets who participated in the regional Drill Competition over the weekend of March 24-March 25. After the award ceremony Como Park brought home 2nd. A special thanks to the unit leaders, who through incredible determination and courage went in front of hundreds and showed off their hard work. 


-Josephine Sanchez: Captain of the Varsity Unarmed team, 7th in Unarmed knockout 

-Nasue Xiong: Captain of the Varsity Color Guard team, 2nd place overall for Female PT, Maxed on 98 sit ups.

-Soua Lee: Captain of the Armed Varsity team, 1st place for Armed knockout,

-Eduardo Mendoza: Captain of the Inspection team, 1st overall for Male PT, Max on 300 sit ups

-Peyton Thomas: Captain of the Unarmed Exhibition team

-Nguyen Nghiep: Captain of the PT team

-Lisa Saechao: Captain of the First Year Drill team

-Yoshi Lee: Captain of the Armed Exhibition team

-Anais Sax: Captain of the First Year Color Guard team